Helpful Safety Tips For Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers face many hazards as they are out doing their jobs. From weather concerns to traffic issues, delivery work can sometimes be dangerous. Thankfully, there are safety tips for delivery drivers that can help to keep them safe so they can perform their job and prevent injuries or death. With this information, delivery drivers will be able to feel more confident doing the work their job requires them to do.

  • When pulling up to an address for delivery, the driver should always carefully check their surroundings before exiting their vehicle. If the property looks as if it has been abandoned in any way, the driver should leave the area immediately and wait until they have reached a safe destination to inform their manager of the situation.
  • Drivers should never accept invitations to enter a home for any reason. Once a driver is inside, they are less in control and this could be used against them.
  • A driver should always have a contact number for the delivery they are making. This number needs to be checked before the delivery is made so information can be verified.
  • If a driver is delivering after sundown and they pull up to a property that is dark, it is important they call the customer and ask them to turn on outdoor lights before the driver gets out of their vehicle so they can see to walk to the door without risk of injury.
  • When making a delivery at a property that has dogs, delivery drivers should never trust the animals and never attempt to pet them. Ideally, the driver should contact the homeowner via the contact number provided and ask that their dogs be put up before the delivery is attempted.
  • Delivery drivers should carry very little cash so there is less risk of a robbery situation.
  • Upon arrival, it can be helpful to shine the headlights onto the front door of the home so the driver can check their surroundings before going up to the door.

These tips should be followed for all delivery drivers who make residential deliveries. If a driver has a feeling something is not right with a property, they should always leave and contact their employer right away.