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Tips and Tricks in Making Your Own Music T-Shirts If you are fond of doing t-shits by yourself especially music shirts then this article will show you how. Making these shirts fantastically quick need to have these number of tricks. Following this procedure will help you make these music shirts that you love. There is no need to use a transfer paper in this method. When you wash the shirt made from transfer papers the image comes off easily. Other than music shirts, with this method you can use this to make any type of shirts as well. In this method, we are going to use vinyl for making these music inspired shirts.
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Use iron on transfer vinyl is the only method we are going to use. The first thing that you want to do is to print out the images that you want to put on the shirt. You can put your name on it and you can print out a music logo that you like. In a word document you can resize it. On to a piece of a red glitter vinyl cut the music logo then trace that on to it. After cutting the piece of vinyl make sure to duct tape it down to your cutting mat. Duct taping it will secure the music logo. After you stuck it down you can then trace around it. When you’re tracing around it you just want to make sure that you don’t go through the whole thing. Not the plastic layer that’s behind it you want to go through but the final layer. Peeling off the excess vinyl is advisable. Cut out the little symbol carefully and keep in mind that you can’t layer the stuff on top of each other so make sure to take the music logo into consideration. Flip it again and cut the part out of the red circle that you already made. Cut another music logo out of the white part. Basically stick it on to the backing that the red piece is on like on the inside.
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The hardest part is cutting out your username although this part is optional but it adds a lot to it. You can resize it and make it in the word document. Just cut the inside of each individual letter with a hobby knife. Put the shiny side down and follow the same steps before and make sure to take the vinyl. Take the stencil that you made and duct tape it to your cutting mat. All of the letters should be arranged backwards by just flipping it backwards all of the letters. Each individual letters should be cut out. Try it on the shirt and mark where you want the logo to go once all the vinyl pieces are done. You just have to iron on the music logo and your username. Try now and see how easy you can make it.