Tackling the Paramount Issues in Renewable Energy

Even though solar energy is far more popular today than it was 10 to 15 years ago, there are still many advances in this technology that will need to happen in order for it to meet the growing demand for renewable energy sources. While the price of manufacturing solar cells is something that many experts look to as being a real game changer when it comes to solar power being used more widely, another issue that needs to be addressed is power inversion.

The power inversion often hinders the effectiveness and the performance of solar energy. Many people look at the minimal amounts of energy produced by the standard solar power system and wonder how something that under performs so significantly could ever be a viable replacement for current grid power. However, what is often missed in this assessment is how much energy is actually wasted when the inversion process takes place.

Solar cells capture energy at a different current than what can be used inside of a home or business. In order to make this energy compatible, an inversion process is done to transform the solar power current to what can be used in a home or business facility. While this may look good on the surface, there are significant pitfalls when it comes to the inversion process. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is the fact that the inversion process wastes significant amounts of energy.

In some cases, up to half of the energy that is produced and stored in a solar power system is wasted when the current is inverted in order to make the stored power usable. The great thing is that new technology is being developed and advanced that will help streamline the inversion process. This type of technology can help it to be more effective while not sacrificing so much power in the process.

While inversion technology is just now beginning to improve, there is still a great distance to go in order to make the inversion process as efficient as possible. If you’d like to know more about this and other challenges that face the renewable energy sector, a simple visit here will reveal not only the challenges that remain for the renewable energy sector, but how advances in science and technology are currently tackling the problems that exist.