The Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

While cast iron pans have been used for many years, non-stick pans have recently made them less popular. Aside from costing less than non-stick pans, there are tremendous health benefits to cooking with cast iron cookware. Read on to find out why it’s so good to cook with cast iron cookware.

Fewer Chemicals in Food

While non-stick pans may seem convenient, they only appear that way because they are coated with chemicals. As these pans are used, there is a chance that chemicals will be released into the air. If the surface of a non-stick pan is scratched these chemicals can be absorbed by the food as it is cooked. If the family is worried about chemicals, cast iron pans are a safe choice.

It Fortifies Food With Iron

If anyone in the house has an iron deficiency, using cast iron cookware can help. These pans fortify foods with the iron needed to prevent the symptoms of anemia, including fatigue and decreased immune function. According to recent studies, using cast iron pans can increase the iron content of food by approximately 17%.

Using Less Oil to Cook

When a cast iron pan is well-seasoned, there’s no need to douse healthy foods in oil or butter to prevent sticking. This can help families save on saturated fat and calories, especially when considering that one tablespoon of butter adds 100 calories and almost eight grams of saturated fat. Cast iron cookware also heats evenly, allowing for better-quality food and shorter cooking times.

Easier Portion Control

Because cast iron pans are available and small sizes, they’re a good way to make small portions of rich foods such as brownies. If the family is cooking for a large group, just use a bigger pan to make more of a favorite dish.

Easy and Healthy Recipes

From stir-fry to frittatas, there are many healthy recipes to be cooked in cast iron pans. Whether they are used in the oven or on the stove top, cast iron pans make it easy to cook healthy food.

Care and Cleaning of Cast Iron

After using a cast iron pan, it should be cleaned and slightly heated before being rubbed with a bit of oil to season it so it’s ready for the next use. Some families even keep these pans on the stovetop so every time they see it they’ll be inspired to cook another healthy recipe.